Van Yuzuncu Yil University TURKEY 25-27 OCT 2019


ISHAD is a multidisciplinary international symposium devoted to the presentation, discussion and publication of scientific studies and original researches on disaster science and engineering. ISHAD associates different scientific fields with operational disciplines to contribute to the mitigation of disasters throughout of the world. ISHAD serves to a wide community of research scientists and decision makers concerned with disasters detection, monitoring and modelling.

The objective of the symposium is mainly to create an atmosphere for the academicians and professionals world-wide to share and discuss the holistic methods of the current interdisciplinary scientific activities so that a strong cooperation among the universities, scientists and professional operators is achieved on international level as far as natural hazards and disaster management are concerned.

As the interpretation of scientific knowledge in recent years has gained importance in the process of holistic approaches, this symposium is thought to be an excellent opportunity to create a reliable interpretation of scientific findings in this so-called holistic-oriented analysis by examining the different dimensions and aspects of the fields of Natural Hazards And Disaster Management within the framework of the scientific methods.

It is strongly hoped that the symposium set up by the contents of broader perspectives of approaches and solution methods through the inclusion of all the basic sciences and engineering subjects will, hence, contribute to the future mutual research and scientific activities and projects for the participants and interested organisations.